Weight Loss

Our weight has more of an impact on our lives than people realize. There is a direct relationship between our weight and our relationships, self-image, and health. Dr. Doug Howell and his team at Dr. Doug Howell Chiropractic & Wellness can help you understand the connection between your weight and health, as well as create a custom plan to help you begin your weight-loss journey.

Our Weight and Health

Our weight affects our health as much as our appearance, potentially more so. As fat accumulates, it not only forms around our muscles, it builds up around our vital organs. When this happens, diseases related to those organs develop. A fatty liver can lead to liver disease; fat around the lungs can lead to sleep apnea, and it’s no secret that fat and the heart do not mix.

The weight of the fatty tissue can cause extra wear and tear on the hips, knees, and ankles, as well as the muscles needed to lift it.

Weight Loss Is Not Just Counting Numbers

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Generally speaking, our weight is determined by how many calories we consume as offset by what we burn. People also love to throw in fat grams and total carbohydrates. There is much more to it than just that.

How we acquire our calories and carbohydrates is just as important. Certain fats are good to consume (in moderation), while some meats are so fatty that the protein intake doesn’t justify the fat consumption.

The Family Tree

The theory is that everyone who eats a certain way and exercises a set amount should have the exact same physique. In reality, a lot of underlying factors can impede this. Thyroid issues, addiction, mental health - there are several things that you may have picked up from previous generations to consider.

Breaking into Health

A common mistake made when getting healthy is trying to do too much too fast. Humans are creatures of habit. Incremental change over the course of several weeks has been shown to have better long-term results than trying to change your lifestyle overnight.

To find out how the team at Dr. Doug Howell Chiropractic & Wellness can help you begin the incremental changes that will transform your life, call 502-330-2808 to schedule a consultation.

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