"I resisted calling Dr Howell and tried to change my health on my own. I failed terribly. In 4 short months my life transformed !! should have called sooner!" Charlie Y

"I was at my wits end. I felt like I was aging way to fast. I had no energy, was in pain and my medical problems were growing. Dr howell heed me turn Everything around. I now know what nutrients I need to live young again!" Diamond W

"I had low-energy low self-esteem and was headed down the medical nightmare Highway. I met Dr. Howell and things changed. I followed his advice and now I have more energy more happiness than ever before." Shannon B

"Before I'm at Dr. Howell involved as advice I knew nothing about nutrients and what food does to eat before I met Dr. Howell and followed his advice. I knew nothing about nutrients and health. I am now a leaner , confident healthy woman" Loretta W

"For years I suffered with tremendous gastrointestinal problems. I was a prisoner in my own body until the day that I contacted Dr. Howell and I followed his advice and now am able to exercise enjoy food and enjoy life to the fullest" Patty B

"I was so miserable before I met Dr. Howell. The advice he gave me has open the doors to use for living. I have bounding energy I'm off my medications and love life to the fullest." Shannon S

"Dr. Howell taught me how to use food and which exact nutrients I need to stay lean drop my blood pressure have less pain and enjoy life better I suggest everyone seek him out" Stuart H

"Meeting Dr. Howell has completely changed my life. I have more energy and more confidence that I haven't seen or felt since I had my last daughter for years ago I haven't seen or felt since I had my last daughter for years ago. Mike Hulette I'm so impressed with Dr. Howells advice. I have not only dropped 60 pounds but I no longer have high blood pressure or digestive issues or bad cholesterol. What I do have is the joy of more energy and having to buy all new clothes." Kristy R

"I'm 78 years old and because of Dr. Howell's advice I now have come out of retirement and I am able to start my own new business because my pain is gone my blood pressure is normal my cholesterol is normal and I feel younger than ever!" Jim H

"I suffered for years with miserable gut and thyroid problems. I had no energy and battled depression. What Dr. Howell's advice has done for me has freed me from the chains of medical misery I love life now I can't wait for the next day to rise!" Heather B

"I am so grateful for Dr Howell's guidance. He has literally saved my life" Marsha Z

"Following Dr Howells customized plan for me My entire Bloodwork changes so much, so fast that my Medical doctor almost fell over. Lavon Chattin I never dreamed my life would be this good. I'm off all medications, I've dropped 100 lbs and I'm able to out run my grandkids !" Jackie M

"My entire life has changed because of Dr Howells advice. I recommend anyone to contact him." Rex F

"I have saved over 5800.00 in 500 days after investing in my Nutrient Portfolio with Dr Howell ! I stopped smoking , lost 40 lbs and stopped paying for Medications !" Brenda H

"My Life changed the I met Dr Doug. I was out of energy , in pain , couldn't breath well, had high cholesterol and blood pressure , had anxiety and was 60 lbs over weight. In 6 months I had the weight off and all energy back with Zero medications ! It's been 7 years since I've had my balance Wellness Portfolio and I'm younger these ever!" PK Sims

"I've been seeing Doug for 15+ years! He is the best and has taken great care of me! I drive from Lexington once a week to see him!" Nancy Lee G.

"He was wonderful! I had never been to the Chiropractor before, and he made me feel comfortable!" Julie H.

"Dr.Doug knows what he is doing. Stop waisting time and money at places that aren't giving you solutions. He is the best in his business and best of all he is a local businessman." Juan G.

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