Nutritional Counseling

A chiropractor can help people everywhere achieve the holistic nutrition their bodies need to be healthy. People can take all the vitamins, minerals and supplements they want, but until they experience the benefits that a licensed chiropractor can provide, they will be missing the final link that can help them in achieving holistic nutrition.

Chiropractic involves treating the person as a whole by assisting the body to heal naturally. It has long been known that healthy, nutritious diets coupled with rest, exercise and spinal adjustments are an integral part of preventative health care.

Story Behind DR Doug Well World


The mission of Nutritional Counseling emerged out of my own life crisis.

My Past

32 years ago, I began the practice of chiropractic, partnered with my father, and was ready to heal the world. Suddenly, just three months into practice my father suffered a stroke that left him a shell of the man he once was and which led to his painful death seven years later. I shouldered his large practice with vigor knowing I would save everyone else. Yet the stress was slowly mounting as I relied exclusively on chiropractic care to solve all the problems of my patients. I wasn’t listening to the little voice in my head asking, “Doug, are you really helping these patients become healthy?”

I slaved away far longer than I’d like to admit, delivering care the way that the insurance companies told me to, all while my patients were becoming unhealthier, more inflamed and overweight.

My First Encounter With Therapeutic Nutrition

In the midst of the overwhelming stress of my practice, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. Through God’s grace her oncologist told us about research which indicated that certain nutritional protocols have made a difference with some cancer patients.

That whispering voice in the back of my mind got loud and clear. We went all in, yet in the meantime, our savings were being depleted from medical bills that were wrecking our financial portfolio and I was losing even more of whatever hair remained on my head.

Seeking Another Way

I remember looking my wife in the eye one night and telling her that I knew there was another way. I had just watched her kick cancer into remission through a nutrient-packed regimen, and I figured that if she could do it with cancer, I can do it with my career.

Passing The Baton

Sure, the nerve flow from good spinal health is powerful. But I realized that if the body is toxic and inflamed, then the spine and nerve flow can’t function well in the first place. So, I walked away from my practice. I literally handed the whole practice over to my partner and I wished him all the best.

My Transformation

I dedicated myself to figuring out what patients are really looking for in their lives and finding a way to help them reach their true health goals without just putting on another Band-Aid and sending them out the door.

What I found is that people here in Frankfort, KY are looking for the same thing as people everywhere else: to wake up in the morning, look at themselves in the mirror and feel good about where they’re going.

Embracing The Most Pressing Issues

I started addressing the most pressing issues that were keeping people from wellness and I developed a comprehensive weight loss practice while simultaneously helping them restore their gut health, conquer inflammation, and rebuild their natural stores of energy.

Transforming 2100 Lives

I was overjoyed that every nutritionally balanced patient who followed my coaching were able to lose weight and regain control over their health futures. Now, after helping more than 2100 people transform their own lives, I realized that what I want more than anything else is to share what I’ve learned with all my fellow Kentuckians and citizens across this great country.

True Purpose of My creation

My Nutrient Advisor is the culmination of all the best practices that I’ve developed through the clinical application of nutritional medicine to help make obesity go the way of the dodo bird, reverse type II diabetes, and give my patients a new lease on life.

Instead of keeping these insights hidden behind a paywall, I am opening up my proprietary processes and giving you the key to individual wellness, where it belongs.

Join Our Community

I hope that you join our community of people seeking the best lives for themselves and their families. Everything that’s most important in my life has been learned through others, and I hope to continue doing so alongside you as we all make strides to a more vibrant and financially secure future by investing wisely in our wellness.

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